What are my options for training?

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Looking for training for your campus?

We offer free webinars, which you can find on our training website or on our training flyer. Remember that you can always request a day and time to be added to our webinar offerings at no additional cost, just email [email protected]. These webinars are open to all our customers across the United States. 

Once the school year has begun and students have accumulated data, be on the lookout for our special topic webinar offerings about data and reports. We will also offer these free on the webinar calendar, and they will be posted to the same training website

If you would like to have a CUSTOM virtual or in-person session for just the teachers at your school/district, there is a fee associated. Please reach out to your customer success manager to request a custom in-person or virtual training quote if you would like to do that. If you don’t know who your customer success manager is, email [email protected].

If you need to present Progress Learning to other educators at your school, we have a ready-made Google Slides presentation for your use. The site's main features are highlighted, including daily classroom resources, custom assessments, progress monitoring, and practical implementation ideas. Create a copy if you want to make changes before presenting it to your staff. Happy professional learning!

If you have any other questions regarding training, please email [email protected]

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