How do students sign in with Google if they do use Google Classroom?

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  1. Students: Log in to your Progress Learning account via account ID, username and password, Clever, or ClassLink.
  1. From the home page, click on your name, then select Profile.
  1. Click "Sign in with Google."
  1. Select the Google account that you would like associated with your Progress Learning account.
  1. You now have the Google Classroom icon next to your name on the home page.


  1. Students can log out and select the "Sign in with Google" button to gain access to their accounts via Google SSO.
  1. On the next screen, students will need to select "Login as Student" to gain access to the correct Progress Learning account.
  1. Students have to select the Google account associated with their Progress Learning account.
  1. Once students log in via Google SSO, they can confirm they have signed in correctly by locating the Google Classroom icon right next to their name.

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