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Progress Learning is perfect for use in the classroom or at home. Progress Learning can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection and on any device. Get the most out of Progress Learning by communicating its benefits to your parents.

Progress Learning provides many resources to help support learning after school hours. Teachers can email or print the family brochure front and back, fold and send home as an info guide for families on how to use EG at home and support their students (strengthening the home to school connection).

K-1st Grade Family Brochure

2nd-5th Grade Family Brochure

6th-12th Grade Family Brochure

Family Welcome Letters

These Family Letters are available to download and print in English and Spanish.

5 Things Every Parent/Guardians Needs to Know about Progress Learning

Download this resource and share with families to build the home-to-school connection. Families will find the answers to the most common questions they may have about Progress Learning, along with tips to help log their child in, learn, and succeed.

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