How do I add text or video notes to an assignment?

Updated 2 months ago by Sharon Valeris

When teachers create assignments, they have the option to add text notes or record a short video that plays for the students before they get started.  These notes can be used for additional instructions or to give the students a quick motivational pep talk before they begin.

Please see our help article, “How do I create an assignment?” and follow the directions to create your assignment.  

To add a note, on the Notes tab, teachers can create either a text or video note for students.  To create a text note, click on the Text Notes box on the left and type your note or instructions.  There are editing and formatting tools available. You can also check the Text to Speech box at the top to enable it for students. When done, be sure to click Save and Continue.

To record a video note, check the Video Notes box on the left and press the red record button to record a 45-second video.  There will be a countdown timer on the screen to help you keep track of time. 

  • You can press play to preview your video. If you want to re-record the video, press the record another video button. 
  • Once you have finished recording, check the Approved box below the video and then click Save and Continue.  This will take you to the Settings tab where you can finish creating your assignment. 

Your text or video note will appear on the students' screens before they get started on their assignment.

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