What settings options can Admins choose when creating a shared assessment?

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When School Admins are creating common assessments that will be shared school-wide, there are a variety of settings options that can be chosen. Here is a breakdown of each assessment setting option with an explanation of what it does:

Optional Assessment Settings

There are additional settings that Admins can opt to use when creating a shared assessment. Here is a brief explanation of these settings and how they affect the assessments that you're creating.

Allow Students to View Item Results in Detail - This controls what type of score report the students will see after completing the assessment. There are three options:

  • View no details - The student sees only their score and nothing else.
  • View Questions Only - The student sees their score and they can review the questions. They do not see the correct answer choices.
  • View Questions and Answers - The student sees their score and they can also see the questions, their response, and the correct answer choices and explanations.

Allow Teachers to Assign Assessments - This allows teachers to search for a shared assessment that you've created in the School Assessment Bank and they can assign it to their own students and the results will appear in their class grade book. If you select "No", an Admin would need to be the one to assign the assessment and the scores are reported back to the Admin, NOT to the teacher. Instead of assigning it, the students can also take the assessment via the assessment code. Regardless of how the assessment is taken, please note that selecting "No" can also limit the teacher's ability to view the assessment results.

We highly recommend that Admins say "yes" to this option when they wish to share an assessment. Admins always have access to school-wide data and do not lose visibility when they allow teachers to assign shared assessments. If the teacher assigns the shared assessment to his or her own students, they will automatically have instant access to the assessment results. They can also easily assign Quick Click Remediation.

Allow Teachers to View Content and Details - This allows teachers to preview the assessment before assigning it to students. If you do not want teachers to be able to see the assessment, you can select "No" and teachers will only be able to assign it to students.

Allow Teachers to Duplicate Assessment - This allows teachers to duplicate or make a copy of the assessment. Once a teacher makes a copy, he or she can also make changes to the assessment. It is important to note that when you make a copy of an assessment and make changes, it saves the assessment as a completely new and separate assessment and any results will be reported under that new assessment.

Display Questions in Random Order - Choosing "Yes" will mean that each child will get the same assessment, but the question order will be randomly shuffled for each child. Choosing "No" will mean that each child will get the same assessment in the same question order that you've chosen.

Allow Calculator - Choosing "Yes" will give students access to an online calculator. There are 3 types of calculators to choose from and they are from Desmos.

The "Allow Calculator" option is only available when creating Math, Science, and Social Studies assessments. It is not available for ELA assessments.

For detailed instructions on how Admins can create a shared assessment, please see our Help Article, "How do School Admins Create a Shared Assessment".

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