How do I eliminate one answer choice for a student?

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Eliminate One Answer Choice is available for students on single-answer multiple choice question assessments, generated tests, and practice questions.

This setting can be enabled for individual students or a whole class within the Assignment Builder.

If you need help on how to create an assignment, click here.
If you need help on how to create an assessment, click here.
  1. From the teacher dashboard select Assessment/Assignment Center.
  1. Select Assignment Bank under the Assignment section.
  1. Click "Create New Assignment".
  1. Add your Assignment Name, Subject, and School Year. Select the Activity that you want to assign. Then click "Save and Continue"
  1. Here is where teachers can select individual students or a whole class to enable "Eliminate 1 Answer for Multiple Choice Questions". You can also select "Assignment Text To Speech Settings" and "Assignment Language Settings"
Eliminate One Answer Choice will apply only to Single-Answer Multiple Choice questions.
  1. The teacher can then add any text or video notes, and then "Save Assignment."

Student View: Here when the student logs into the assignment where eliminate one answer choice was enabled, they will be able to view that one answer has been removed or masked from their choices to select.

They will not be able to select the masked answer choice as an answer choice as it has been auto-identified as incorrect.

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