How do I activate simple sign-on for my K-1 students?

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How do I activate Simple Sign-On for my K-1 Students?

There are two different ways to activate Simple Sign-On for your students.

Option 1: When creating or editing a student, you will be tasked with filling out the information for the student in the window. In the bottom right hand, you will see a box that says "Activate Simple Sign-On". Click in that box and then select "Save" below.

Option 2: When looking in User Management (this is strictly an admin feature), you will need to search for your student, and once you do, you will see that in the row of all the different identifiers for the account there is an button for Simple Sign-On. Simply toggling the button on will save it for your students, there is not a "save" button for student updates like this.

Finding the New Simple Sign-On password: From either User Management, or Class Management, find that student whose password you changed, and once you've found them, select the "Password Card" button

You will then be shown the student password card that can be printed.

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