What is the difference between a primary and co-teacher?

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If you roster with Clever or Classlink: Co-teachers must be added through your integration service.

Edit teachers connected with your class by clicking the "Teacher" tab and then click the button "Add Teacher" by the clicking on "Class Center" and then click "Class Management" from the teacher dashboard. Add as many teachers as you need to. Only teachers with accounts at your school will appear in this list.

If you click the "star" next to one of your co-teacher's names, you are enabling them to be a "Primary" teacher. There can only be one "Primary" teacher.

Co-teachers: Co-teachers that are added to a class are able to create assignments and send to students. Co-teachers can also pull data and reports associated with that specific class. Co-teachers are unable to change the settings of individual student's like text to speech or Spanish translations. Co-teachers are also unable to add or remove subjects connected with a class.
Primary Teachers: Only Primary teachers are able to edit the class settings. The original owner of the class can transfer ownership to one teacher to become a Primary teacher. Primary teachers are able to add as many co-teachers necessary to a class.

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