How do I find my favorite USATestprep questions in Progress Learning?

Updated by Mackenzie Maddox

All of your content from USATestprep will be available in Progress Learning. However, anything authored or saved after July 15th, 2022 will not be available in your Progress Learning account. Want an easy way to save and find your favorite questions in Progress Learning? You will need to create a new assessment with the questions you want to use in Progress Learning and “favorite” that assessment. Just make sure to complete this by July 15th.

When USATestprep migrates to Progress Learning in July 2022, your assessments & the questions you’ve authored will be available in the Vault. You may have also heard this referred to as the Attic.  Starting mid-July we’ll have training opportunities & resources available to help you retrieve these items, so be on the lookout.  

Even though favorites & bell ringers will not carry over to the Progress Learning platform, you can still take them with you. Just follow these steps:

From your USATestprep home page, navigate to the Assessments tab. 

  • Click Create New Assessment 
  • Give the assessment a name – something like 6th Grade ELA Favorites 
  • Choose the corresponding test & click Continue
  • Click either ‘I Choose’ or ‘USATestprep Chooses’ & click Continue 
  • Select YES, I want to add FAVORITE QUESTIONS
  • Check the box to the right of the questions you wish to save
  • Scroll to the bottom & click Continue and Skip to Preview
  • Click Save Assessment

Voila!  The assessment will be available in the Vault after migration.

What about Bell Ringers?  If you’ve saved a bell ringer, you’ll still want to make sure that the question has been favorited:

From your USATestprep home page, navigate to Classroom Resources

  • Select Bell Ringer
  • Click the Saved Bell Ringer drop-down & select a bell ringer
  • Click Add to Favorites

Note: if you have the option to Remove from Favorites, the question has already been added to your favorites, and don’t need to do anything!

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